Our Heritage

For over 80 years, the Arlington Garden Club has been an anchor in the community, bringing life to lifeless areas and pretty colors to dull corners.  With a relentless pursuit of community participation, the garden club members still go about their business beautifying whatever they touch.

    Roberta Lothian Award
The Roberta Lothian Award for member of the year was presented for the first time on June of 2010.  The award is presented annually at the June Fling to a member(s) of the Arlington Garden Club who has performed extraordinary service to our club and/or  community.

Honorees include:
2010  Jean Olson
2011  Meg Jacobsen
2012  Tina Wilson
2013  Judy Ness
2014  Mike Conner and Barb Woodward

2015  Judy Headrick

2016  Jack and Joyce Lybyer

2017  Kitty Fitch

​2018 Carol Jacques

​2019 Karen Ricketts

Past Presidents:

1934-35    Mrs. Charles Meyers

1936         Mrs. L.R. Palmer

1937         Mrs. Einar Brotton

1938-39    Mrs. John Enselman

1940         Mrs. Edward Soper

1941         Mrs. J. Cohoon

1942         Mrs. Fred Verd

1943-44    Mrs. John Wrage

1945-46    Mrs. Albert Lamp

1947         Mrs. Phillip Pearson

1948-49    Mrs. Hildor Eliason

1950-51    Mrs. L.C. Palmer

1952-53    Mrs. M. Pautzke

1954-55    Mrs. Leo McCollough

1956-57    Mrs. Henry Stedman

1958-59    Mrs. J.W. Wiggs

1960-61    Mrs. E. Oman

1962        Mrs. E. Brandt

1963-64   Mrs. Harry Sparks

1965        Mrs. M. Gates

1966-67   Mrs. E. Fatland

1968-69   Mrs. Joe Sabo

1970-71   Mrs. Clyde Ruckert (Myrtle) 1972-73   Mrs. H.E. LaRoche

1974-75   Mrs. Robert Kuhnhausen (Inez) 1976-77   Mrs. E. Holland Pollard

1978-79   Mrs. Leslie Lothian (Roberta) 1980-81   Mrs. Robert Wolfe (Johnadine) 1982-83   Mrs. H.E. LaRoche

1984-86   Val Templin

1988-90   Connie Dreke

1990-92   Mrs. Charles Donnelson

1994-96   Mrs. Larry Davis

1997-99  Gloria Carlson

1999-01  Inez Kuhnhausen

2001-03  Virgina Hatch

2003-07  Linda Follett

2007-09  Tina Wilson

2009-11  Bea Randall

2011-13  Carol Jacques

2013-15  Meg Jacobsen

2015-17  Connie Gronning

​2017-19  Judy Ness

2019-     Jan Hawley