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Officers and Board

President:               Judy Ness
Vice President:        Jan Hawley
Treasurer:               Barb Lindberg
Secretary:               Irina Hensler
Events/Activities:   Karen Ricketts & Sharon Dittenbberger

Communications:    Penny Hanson
    Scoop:  Penny Hanson
    Year Book: Tina Wilson
    Website:  Tina Wilson
    Publicity: Marilyn Enright
Historian: Bea Randall, Nona Anderson and Betty Jo Thorsen
Sunshine: Joanne Heichel, Anna Bruemmer and Connie Gronning
Menu/Room set up: Rosalie Johnson
Plant Sale: John Marsh
Holiday Garden: Laura Lane
    Club Table: 

Hospitality:           Judy Headrick  & Nancy Rambo
Membership:         Libby Adams
Ways & Means:      Nancy Yonkers and Rosalie Johansen
Programs:             Cheri Hansen
Trustee #1:           Nancy Rambo
Trustee #2:            Georgia Johnson
Trustee #3:            Dorothy Johnson

Community Service
    Mayors Garden: Jack and Joyce Lybyer
    Blue Star Memorial: Bea Randall and Carol Jacques
    Lebanon Park: Mike Connor
    Tree Planting: Mike Connor, Connie Gronning, Carol Jacques, Bea Randall

For further information please contact:

Judy Ness
Penny Hanson

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Arlington Garden Club
PO Box 112
Arlington, WA 98223

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