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Community Impact

A goal of the Arlington Garden Club is to be involved with the community and give back. 
Projects and activities are ways our members can reach out and participate. We also honor those in the community who have shown a commitment to ‘keeping Arlington green’.

ANNUAL PLANT SALE  - We hold our annual plant sale in the City of Arlington in May.  Members dig up and divide plants from their own gardens as well as gardens of friends and neighbors (with permission of course!) to contribute to the plant sale.  This event is a major fund raiser for our club with a large turn-out from the community.

–  (members only) Each year in June we wrap up our garden club year by gathering members together in a festive atmosphere complete with food and an entertaining program.  We have a silent auction and door prizes.  Last but not least we present the annual winner of our Myrtle Ruckert  and Roberta Lothian Awards (listed on the heritage page).

Past Projects Completed

TREE CITY USA – Our club assisted and motivated the city in making Arlington a ‘Tree City USA’ in 2003.

DOGWOOD TREES – We planted ten Cornus kousa ‘Satomi’ dogwood trees along the Centennial Trail and other areas of downtown Arlington.

Other Projects & Activities

MAYOR’S FLOWER GARDEN – In the spring of 2006 we planted an area outside the new Arlington City Hall with an old-fashioned flower garden at the request of Mayor Margaret Larson.

ARLINGTON LIBRARY PLANTING – In 2005 our club, in cooperation with the City of Arlington, planted the south side of the Arlington Library with summer and winter blooming heather.

WAYS & MEANS – At each of our monthly meetings we encourage members to participate in the mini fundraisers or raffles.   All monies received are used to support various charitable donations the club makes each year.

We support the CITY OF ARLINGTON by donating and planting dogwood trees, purchasing benches for the Centennial Trail as well as 2 benches at bus stops in Smokey Point and we participate in other city activities.

We also support WSFCG, STATE AND EVERGREEN DISTRICT activities & goals as well as help maintain the Blue Star Memorial area at the Rest Stop on I-5.

LEBANON PARK in downtown Arlington was designed and planted by the newly formed garden club in the 1930’s which we continue to maintain.

Members bring horticultural specimens and designs to our monthly meetings. During the summer months we meet for WORKSHOPS, GARDEN TOURS AND NURSERY VISITS, etc.   We also join other community groups for cooperative activities.

FOOD BANKS - In 2008, we kicked off a project to supply food, money and plants for Food Banks in local areas where some of our members live: Oso, Arlington, and Stanwood.

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