​​Community Connections Gardening Helpers

Arlington Garden Club answers questions from local gardeners. Gardening advice is also available for free from the Snohomish County Master Gardeners - see link for the Snohomish County Extension Service in the Community Partner Links.


I would like advice on planting roses and bulbs I just bought (in December!)


Both can be planted now, or any time until the ground is frozen.  Mulch the roses heavily.  Bulbs - just make sure there’s enough drainage for them not to stay wet and rot.

Lebanon Park is located at 105 N Lebanon Ave, Arlington near Les Schwab Tires. The area around the park sign is maintained by Arlington Garden Club. A Labyrinth installed by the Arlington Arts Council is located in the park and the Centennial Trail runs along the border

of the park. 

​​​Seasonal Tips
Here in the Pacific Northwest we witnessed a brilliantly colorful and mild early Autumn. Now the cold weather has reappeared and it's time to do a bit of garden clean-up if you haven't already started.

Some perennial foliage, especially hosta, has turned into a pile of mush and  should be removed as soon as possible. Compost anything except diseased foliage. Leave some seed heads on stalks to help feed the birds that winter in your garden. 

Protect your perennials and shrubs by laying down a layer of fine dark mulch/bark. To help naturally feed your plants and soil, apply a layer of organic compost around your plant then mulch/bark areas between plants. Add compost and bark layers two to three inches deep and a few inches away from the base of your plants. Taper the depth of compost depth next to the plant's base. This will also keep weeds out. If weeds dare to appear they will be much easier to pull out next Spring.

Fundraisers Benefit Oso Slide Memorial Site

Arlington Garden Club raises funds each year for various community horticulture or beautification projects.

Our annual Plant Sale held in May and

Holiday Garden Art & Crafts each November are the club's two main fundraisers. 

One recent project is the purchase and installation of a memorial bench located along the Stillaguamish River near the site of the March 22, 2014 Oso slide. Photos below show the bench and view of the river plus the plaque that was installed with the bench. Arlington Garden Club is currently raising funds to purchase native plants to locate around the bench and the river overlook to beautify the area further. 

Community and Partner Links

We're often asked for resources and information regarding our local communities. Arlington Garden Club is proud to share our growing list to help you find information on plants, your local community connections and beyond.

Sunnyside Nursery, Marysville, WA:

​Sunnyside Nursery frequently partners with the Arlington Garden club on projects and education. 


City of Arlington, WA:

Our garden club has partnered many projects with the City of Arlington. We maintain the Mayor's Garden in front of City Hall. 


Snohomish County Extension Service:

Washington State University Extension Service is home to the Master Gardener program. Click the Home and Garden bar to access the Master Gardener Hotline. 


WSU Hortsense:

Helps you identify what can go wrong in our garden and how to fix it.


Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens:

This beautiful garden is located in Everett Washington and is free to the public. 


Snohomish County Tourism:

Discover beautiful Snohomish County and explore this useful resource. 


Hazel Blue Acres:

Hazel Blue Acres is a WSDA Certified Organic family farm featuring you-pick and we-pick blueberries. Owned and operated by Karen and Spencer Fuentes.


Raspberries    by AGC member Gomer Thomas

Click on the link below to download the article:


Blue Star Memorial

In 1945 the National Garden Clubs, Inc. started the Blue Star Memorial to honor USA military veterans and those currently serving.

​Evergreen District received approval from the Washington State Department of Transportation to install a memorial marker at the northbound I-5 rest stop just north of the Smokey Point exit in Arlington. The Arlington Garden Club maintains the area. 

​Washington State has 42 Blue Star Memorial markers and the United States has a total of 2,254. 

​Photos below show the clean-up crew from October 2017.