Arlington Garden Club

Community Connections 2017 Scholarship links application & memorandum
To view pictures of previous events go to and use your members sign-in codes. A goal of the Arlington Garden Club is to be involved with the community and give back through education, scholarships and connections.  Projects and activities are ways our members can participate and reach out to the community. We also honor those in the community who have shown a commitment to ‘keeping Arlington green’.
2015 Scholarships and Awards:
Arlington Community Garden;
Arlington Arts Council;
City of Arlington Trees;
WSU Sno. Co. Ext. Natural Resources;
WSU NWREC Plant Pathology;
Granite Falls FFA;
Arlington FFA;
Stanwood FFA;
Lakewood FFA;
Evergreen Arboretum (Everett).
2014 Scholarship Awards:  $2000 Academic Scholarship - related field of study Lake Stevens FFA:  $100 Marysville Pilchuck FFA:  $100 Lakewood FFA: $100 Stanwood FFA: $100 Arlington FFA: $100
Post Middle School: $100 towards the Jojo Memorial Oso Fire Department: All Bake Sale money went to Disaster Funding $518 Jonielle S. $500 Evergreen District $100 and Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens $50. Mayors Garden $512 Oso Food Bank $80 Arlington Arts Council $103
Hwy 530 Nurseries: Judy Headrick made maps of the nurseries along Highway 530 to encourage us to shop there. Marla Skaglund, who has Skaglund Hill Memorial Garden told us that all those nurseries, plus hers and others will be on the Red Rooster tour this year.  Spring 2014 - the Mayor’s Garden got a redesign and face lift ANNUAL PLANT SALE  - We hold our annual plant sale in the City of Arlington in May.  Members dig up and divide plants from their own gardens as well as gardens of friends and neighbors (with permission of course!) to contribute to the plant sale.  This event is a major fundraiser for our club with a large turn-out from the community. Our bake sale table is also a huge hit and generates return customers.